Studio Production

Promotional Video - SpotXChange

LT Network was commissioned to breakdown the complexities of programatic advertising. Scripting and producing a simple video that educated current and prospective users.

Professional Performance - SANO Health

SANO Health were one of our first collaborators. SANO specialise in adapting the lessons of athletic performance to the workplace. It's been our pleasure to help them communicate their key lessons in a series of 7 videos. In each, we go deep with an expert and chart the links between the science of our bodies and best practice in day to day living.

Get In The Air (Airpoints Partnership) - Snap Fitness New Zealand

People from New Zealand are funnier than other people. So when Snap Fitness New Zealand approached us to produce a web promo for their partnership with Air New Zealand we knew we had to tell a short story that broke the mold of how we normally advertise fitness services and aspired to the humor of both companies.

With You Every Step & Every Rep - Snap Fitness Australia

Snap Fitness Australia asked us to produce some videos supporting a three month campaign centered around their trainers and facilities. After settling on the main copy - With You Every Step & Every Rep - it seemed only natural to showcase how dedicated Snap Fitness trainers can be. We'd worked with Athanasi before and we knew was just the man for the job. We set up the scenarios and let his zeal for fitness guide the rest!

Commitments Campaign (Cinema Version) - Snap Fitness Australia

A localised adaptation of our national online campaign for Snap Fitness in January 2016.
Working with so many franchise locations, it's often important that our assets can be re-purposed at a local level.

Are You Ready? - 9Round Australia

9Round Australia requested a promo to help show communicate their offering to prospects online and on social media.
We produced this promo using real member and real trainers, who we also interviewed. Those interviews were part of a library that clubs could use to target their key demographics.

Australia’s Trusted Workout - Snap Fitness Australia

LT Network and Snap Fitness Australia are engaged in an ongoing project to provide Snap members with a new workout every week.
A welcome side effect is producing a library of goal-specific workouts that can help any member get a great workout in with their smartphone for guidance. You can check out the full project here:

This Is Your Club On Video
Which videos and new 360 services will you use to show off your club?
Your Club On Video is a new video production service offered by LT Network to Snap Fitness clubs across Australia. Our videographers work with you to shoot a library of social media and web ready content that stays relevant and is designed for high engagement ...and aspired to the humor of both campanies.