Franchise Marketing

Largest international 9Round
"We engaged LT network to help us with the digital marketing of 9 Round Bush Inn, a new brand to the country that was unknown. I gave them a budget and said go for it. Within four weeks we have received over 300 leads and had converted over 200 sales.

Being able to have trust in a supplier to deliver on results allowed me to focus on my strengths of direct selling. Online marketing certainly isn’t a strong tool in my shed so I needed to ensure that I could rely on people who know that side of the business and are just as driven as I am to getting results. The team at LT listened to my vision and provided me with expert guidance."
Andy Peat | CEO, Snap Fitness & 9 Round NZ
World Leading Media Platform
"We have been engaging LT for a couple of years now and worked across a range of projects from creative design, video production to corporate documents. From day one, the understanding of our briefs has made for an efficient and consistent process, especially in instances of extremely short turn arounds when they achieved the desired outcome time and time again. Furthermore, with such a complex technology product that we as a business offer, it was reassuring to work with a team that could understand, digest and simplify our messaging to a broad market.

I would happily and confidently recommend their work to anyone in a vast range of industries."
Matt Von der Muhll | Managing Director, APAC